Contemplative Art

A Way Of Learning To Listen Deeply
The Arts as Tool For Insight

„ is assumed that everything that happens, ranging from earthquakes, to gossip, to murder, to joy, to love, to laughter, and all the rest, is an incredible zig-zag of what might be seem otherwise to be unclassifiable and disordered experience, but is, in fact, all framed within the Shivaite concept of The Dance.“ – Gregory Bateson

With contemplative practice as the center, while consciously engaging in the creative process, the emerging embodied understanding may facilitate a different way of seeing, and consequently new ways of organizing and being in the world.

It may serve as a guide and modus operandi in our relating to each other, to the animal world, as well as to the land, by allowing what may be called an integral ecoawareness to develop.

The proposition is to identify and transcend an ego- and anthropocentric perspective and allow space for renewal and regeneration.

What I share and propose on this website is not about the production of a dance or artwork, but rather about movement, art and contemplative practice as a way of knowing.