Lars is able to crystallize and communicate the essence of ‘connection’ in its ultimate simplicity.
It is a pleasure!

Sabina Demenga, Bern


Last week was so beautiful and inspiring. I love how you embody this space of openness and how you support others in this disposition through the sitting quietly and by being who you are.
Last weeks session can be summarized very well in one word: Precious.

Jesper Lagerman, Oslo


For me, ecology is about remaining open, and this work seems to typify that.

Richard Povall, Dartington/UK


I found the class to be so interesting in a way of which I learned to pay attention and be aware of every movement and how it affected the space, and the constant changing of the dynamics between people inside one space.
Lars has a very attentive observation, that he emphasizes so beautifully through a simplicity and work with people and movement with a constant connection to the space they are in.

Rachel Mats, Israel


The sessions for me felt immediately like a gentle and trusting collaborative atmosphere. It felt as if the experience was on the edge of something transcendental or of a realm different to normal consciousness.
In the short time spent on that Tuesday early evening, as a group we followed different structures for movement improvisation. Within these layouts for the movement, we were free and active performing individuals and it felt very beautiful.
Thank you Lars, I look forward to taking part in more of your work.

Lily Krempel, UK