Basics for Regenerative Culture: Listening Bodies / Singles, Couples, Groups

The Body-Mind As InstrumentListening Beyond Words
Workshop and Private Sessions for Singles, Couples or Groups

Integrating elements from Somatics, Movement and Meditation Practices, these sessions provide a space in which you may explore and encounter the potential of your body-mind in multi-faceted ways.
You do not need to know how to dance to attend these classes.
The intention is to provide a sort of ‘time out’ of our regular way of functioning and invite the body-mind to inquire, enjoy and expand through new ways of experiencing and communicating.

In a culture that emphasizes the intellect, tuning in and allowing the body to ‘talk’ may provide precious and at times surprising pathways.

The input of the sessions comes from various backgrounds, integrating elements and know-how from contact improvisation and tango, bodywork and somatic practices, as well as sensory awareness exercises. The given framework allows flexibility and responsiveness, according to what feels adequate, needed or inspiring to the participant(s).

The basis, however, will be to realize and practice a state of witnessing whatever notion appears, from thought processes, to feelings, emotions and somatic sensations.
From there ‚dance‘ may unfold.

In the process of the sessions you get to discover the realm of the body in gentle ways, its awareness and subtleties.
A mindful attention helps to create the non-judgmental, relaxed and open space that is needed for authentic impulses and exchange to happen.

Of course, it usually takes some time to become aware of habitual patterns, which may also have manifested in the body in various ways. And in order for information to be able to pass, or flow from one to the other, awareness, release and allowance is needed.
But to become aware of these processes already helps to create the space for transformation.

As mentioned, these sessions are not about becoming a better dancer, in fact, they are not about becoming better whatsoever.

They are about learning to ‚tune in‘, about ‚learning to listen‘, hence, they ultimately are about honoring and celebrating the mystery, the beauty and the paradox that is life.