Online Sessions

Dear friends,

due to the time we find ourselves in and what I witness around me, I decided to
offer online sessions.

I believe in dialog as a deep tool for coming to knowing, as giving space to learning and integration.
If there is a question that keeps being on your mind, and/or you feel called to get in touch, please feel free to do so, may they be of more practical or of more personal/intimate nature.

This may be questions from „How can I deepen the connection to my body, or to an other, and/or the environment?“, „How do I act in an uncertain world?“ to „What if the way we respond to the crisis is part of the crisis?“ or „What is the purpose or function of art in a time of cultural disintegration and ecological emergency? Are there ethical implications or demands?“

I would hope that the contexts and statements to be found through my website offer enough of a reference to instill a resonance, if not trust.
Here are two links:

Up to now, I deliberately do not intend to put any label or particular context on the meetings.
I see them as gifts from both sides, allowing the emergence of what wants to come.
Apart from that, I surely think that it is of great value to find and be with your kin in these times.

If you have any doubts or questions about the sessions, you can write to me.
In them I will share and facilitate, if I feel I can, and through whatever comes up or feels helpful.
I will refer to others or provide further information/contexts, if I feel that is favourable.

The sessions are on a basis of donations.
May they serve you well, and may they serve a regenerative and respectful culture.

I’m looking forward to hear from you!