Learning To Listen / Becoming Animal

Fostering Understanding and Interspecies Empathy By Exploring and Dropping Into Different Ways Of Knowing and Being

Originally, method acting-based animal work allows the artist to find inspiration through emerging oneself into the realm of a chosen animal.

This animal is being explored experientially – its physicality, its behavior, its social life, its sensuality, its interconnectivity with the surrounding ecosystem…
This experience, ‚becoming the animal‘, can be profoundly revealing and mind-opening, as well as animating for further creative exploration.
Also it has the potential to provide access to information that may not be accessed by a conventional way of research.

In the context of acting, animal work is being used as source of inspiration and color to build and inform a character.

The acting process itself offers the possibility to learn what it means to be in the moment, what it means to use all of the senses, to use the imagination, to be open and perceptive.
You learn about empathy, rhythms, impulses, emotional life, mindsets, blocks.
You get to know yourself as instrument.
You get to know how to open up to the creative process.
Until what remains is ‚dance‘ only.

The format is flexible and will be adapted to the respective research environment and demands.

Transdisciplinary curiosity is most welcome!